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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Official Half Marathon 14.2

I ran my first official half marathon this weekend in Tupelo, MS. It was actually 14.2 miles due to the way the course was set up. The full marathon is basically in a horse shoe shape out and back to make the full 26.2. The half you just go to the end and cut across an extra mile back to the finish line.
Here is my full report from dailymile with pictures:

I really enjoyed the race today. It was about 58F and chilly around 5am.
I met up with some great Dailymilers/twitter(ers)... @Bamarunner, @gabsatrucker & @sweetdaddyd69. Doug stayed with me the whole time and kept me company and on pace. I really appreciate him doing that... Would have been a long lonely road.
Not much of a moon to run by but the stars were out bright in the clear sky. (luckily most people around us had lights to run by)
I can't get over this weather... Once it was bright enough to see, you could see your breathe in the air. I wish it could just stay like this year round.
I felt really good running today at a faster than training pace. In training I've been doing around 11:30 on the long runs and today we stayed around 10:30 most of the time. We took a little extra time at the bathroom breaks, so that probably added at least 10minutes to our time.
With about 1.5mile to go Mark (@Bamarunner) came back to run with us back to the finish line and @gabsatrucker joined us for the final stretch. Was really awesome to be there with them to finish up my first half marathon!


  1. Congrats on finishing your first half-marathon Tim, especially since it was a little extra. I have trouble believing they do a marathon in Tupelo this time of year, but it looks like it has a very early start? Here's hoping your momentum continues to build from this experience.

  2. Thanks Greg! Yeah, MS this time of year is normally not a very good time to run a marathon. They do start it early at 5am to try and beat the heat. It was very chilly this year during the half, but I felt sorry for the ones doing the full because it was getting pretty hot after 8am.
    People were still coming in around 11am last I saw.